Work Me Shape Me is a fitness and social community! 


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community that we will encourage, motivate and challenge each other continuously to working and shaping themselves in a positive way, physically and mentally.

We LOVE the fitness and wellness space. We want to share this with you! Sharing is caring right?! Here, we think everyone should experience what the fitness boutique studious have to offer as working out has never been more innovative, motivating and accessible! The industry is continuously developing and booming globally and we can’t want to see what’s the next newest workout!

We recognize that increasingly people are attending fitness classes alone and it can also be intimidating. Come alone or come as a group, but never feel alone again whilst classing with us. We run exclusive events to bring you to the newest and chicest boutique fitness studious across London, paired with a social event so you get to meet likeminded people and form friends4life.

The studios, restaurants, brands that work with have all been handpicked by me and packaged up to bring you the best experience!

We Sweat together, we Fuel together.

We also have a Facebook group to keep our community close! Help a brother or sister our by sharing the latest gosp and any free fitness & wellness events around the city!

Diversity in key to us. We want to encourage and raise awareness to people and ethnicity groups who do not know about the fitness and wellness space. Inclusivity is key and we welcome all male and females to join us!