We successfully hosted our second event at F45 Liverpool Street followed by a delicious lunch at Hotbox!  Once again we were sold out!

Were you there? Because I can tell you, the vibe was on point! Our 31 attendees came with such great energy levels to conquer the workout a F45 Liverpool Street. They call this class the ‘Hollywood’ which is F45’s signature Saturday class! F45 has expanded rapidly over the last few years in the UK and Worldwide. Every day there is one type of work out and it applies to every single F45 in the world. So think about all the other people who are sweating it out doing the exact same thing as you when you are doing it next time!  

Just when they thought they finished the workout after 32 stations, little did they know that was only half way. Time to get up for another round!      

After all the hard work and sweat (and a shower of course!) we headed to lunch. Hotbox was just 7mins walk from F45 Liverpool Street. We hosted our guests in at the private area downstairs. The service was great and accommodating, and we didn’t have to wait too long before our food was served. The food was great! Time to fuel up!  


Of course, we couldn’t let our guests leave without a goodie bag! We want to thank Hip-peas for supplying their chickpea puffs (Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet and Smokin’), a great replacement for unhealthy crisps, and Lara bar for their peanut & choc chip flavoured fuel bars (and suitable for vegans!). Also, we had the privilege of trying out Cajuu nut who are extremely new to the market and no ordinary cashews! The cashews are grown from southeastern Tanzania where they are handpicked before before sending across to the UK (yes the cashews were big!). Cajuu provides unique coated flavours such as Vanilla Salted Sugar and Lake Natron Salt and Pepper. Once again, thank you to these brands for supporting our initiative in bringing people to work out and social, and in supporting our belief in bringing more diversity and representation into the fitness and wellness space. It was great to see such a diverse group at the event!


Want to know another thing about us? Music fuels our soul. Yes, yes love our music (yes to edm and rave music). We take time to choose our music to get you PUMPED. Some of you complimented our playlist. Sharing is caring right? SO here is the playlist on Spotify! There is no longer a reason to not get pumped up at the gym now, right?!  

We look forward to seeing at our next event!