Review by Laura England Kerr [IG: @thebrunchpursuit]

Here’s a review from a first-timer to our events!

Earlier this month I attended my first Work me Shape Me event at F45 Stratford followed by brunch at Shanes on Riverside. 

The event sounded like a great way to trial a class and meet new people in the neighbourhood. I’ve been thinking about getting back into fitness and love (like really love) brunch and meeting new people. Two of my favourite things. 

F45 is a functional training studio which pushes you beyond your comfort zone to sweat, sweat, sweat and to enjoy doing it. The class we did (named Hollywood) involved 60 minutes of high intensity functional training across a circuit of 27 stations with a 15 second rest in between each. We had to do it twice. Led by a pair of hands on trainers, there was enough motivation to spread round the room, encourage you to push through, assist with my weak arms wobbling on the weight stations, and let’s just say there was a lot of sweat. 

By the end of the class I felt really proud of myself! I sporadically join my local park run, and often need to push myself to keep going. Midway through the class I was feeling so weak! But I pushed through and soon enough I started to feel the adrenaline pumping and the pride in what I was achieving. After the class we spruced ourselves up with a much needed shower, then headed off to Shane’s on Riverside for a yummy preordered brunch. I attended the event knowing only Vanessa through the sign up, but left having chatted to at least 10 others either before the class, in the changing room or at the brunch afterwards. It was not pushy at all to sign up to the studio since Vanessa manages the events independently from the studios and takes her events to premium studios all over the city. I did choose to sign up though and was paired with someone else who could do the trial period with me (to split the deal), in a buddy system to support each other to go. I’ve just started this week with a Tokyo Disco class and I’m feeling pumped and ready to do more, to hopefully build a new routine that fits around my eating habits.

Not only did I get a great intro offer for an F45 2-week trial through Vanessa (though not pushed in anyway), we were also given a goodie bag to take away. It contained Neat Nutrition protein shake mix, a Cajuu date bite, Pulsin chocolate bar and some all important discount codes to order.

Thanks for your lovely feedback Laura! We Hope to see you soon! Click below for our upcoming events!

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