Doing things together is our mantra

Work Me Shape Me is an Events and Networking platform, for people who are interested in staying active, meeting like minded people, and trying new experiences in the City. The aim of which is to inspire movement and discovery whilst creating a community of like-minded people to share experiences and enhance wellbeing. We host regular public events and private events which offers experience-led fitness and social events by partnering with boutique fitness studios and venues to socialise.


Our Story

Vanessa Hoh is the founder of Work Me Shape Me. She started these events with the idea of building a community of like-minded people interested in keeping active and trying new experiences. An advocate for connecting people and practicing a balanced lifestyle, she wanted to make working out more fun and less lonely.

After beginning her corporate career and fitness journey in London, Vanessa fell in love with the variety and experience boutique fitness studios had to offer. Recognising that it could be daunting and intimidating visiting a new gym alone, she also found it challenging to make like-minded friends in a big city who she could share these experiences with. At the same time, she tried to overcome a significant lifestyle change of obsessive exercise and restrictive dieting, which was also a lonely journey.

This gave birth to the idea of Work Me Shape Me. 

Work Me Shape Me events champion bringing people together to have a fun and balanced lifestyle because a healthy and happy wellbeing is more than just healthy diets and exercise. Vanessa is especially proud of the variety of people the events attract as she felt that it lacked diversity and inclusion in the fitness and wellness space as someone who is Asian. She is a strong believer in the value of surrounding yourself with good and supportive people.

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