Let us help you plan your event!

Organising an event that people will rave about has never been so easy! 

Host an experience that will give people a reason to come together! Leave our events feeling fresh and re-energized.  

We do the planning, and you show up! We will work with you to create a unique and curated experience tailored to you to help you reach your event objective!  


Corporate events & Team Socials

Bring together employees and teams on a regular basis in a world of remote working to help improve their overall wellbeing and build relationships between team members. 

Team building activity - Choose a venue to work out then a nearby venue to run workshops and talks. 

Team Social -  Choose a venue to work out then a nearby restaurant, bar or unique space for a fun and relaxing time. 


Brand Promotion

We support brands by offering our services to create private events to help build & re-enforce a brand. Events are especially useful for new product or service launch.

We help you raise brand awareness, grow your community, and help gain event clarity. 


Bring your community together

Strengthen your community by hosting something a little different to give people a reason to come together! The workouts venues we choose are a great ice breaker to get people chatting!



Hen do, birthday or any occasion which you fancy hosting your own private event? We want to hear about it. Drop us a message!