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We are the world's first platform dedicated to booking exceptional fitness venues and experiences for private events - fror celebrations, to corporate events, and marketing. 

Partner with us today, and start maximizing your revenue by utilising your space and showcase your best in-class-experience to large groups.

Why work with us

We are passionate about the experience which fitness studios deliver and the benefit excercise and socialising can bring to individuals' overall wellbeing. 

With our extensive experience and knoweldge having worked in corporate, events, and the fitness and wellness industry we are driven to share our expertise and bring your venue success.

Free to list with us!

We don't charge any membership or listing fees. 

Reach new customers & convert

We utilize digital marketing and adopt a proactive approach to generate leads. You'll also gain additional exposure by having your own listing page. Convert the hot leads we bring you via private events to potential long-term customers. 

Fill dead time & Increase Revenue

Fill your studio with private events, especially when your studio is not in use or during off-peak times. Alternatively super-charge private classes at peak hours. Watch your revenue grow! 

Be championed!

We believe many people are unaware of the epic experiences fitness studios can deliver and the positive impact it can have on individuals wellbeing. Let us be your representative and to inform people about you. 

Concierge Service

Our team of experts are on hand to guide guests towards your studio. So you get more bookings, with the right guests.

We close deals for you as we manage the end-to-end relationship with the customer until they confirm the private event, before we pass them to you. 

Ongoing support

You can rely on us to make sure the bookings and events go smoothly. We are always here to help! We also have event reps on sight on the day of the event to give your team additional support.


You chill, and we'll do the work

How does it work?

🙋‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Customer expresses interest in organising a private event.

💬 We engage with the client to understand their event objective and requirements. 

😏 We speak to YOU, our partnered venues, that matches the criteria - confirming availability & price. 

😍 We recommend suitable venues to our customer as part of a bespoke package. 

🥳 Client confirms with us and pays us. 

🤑 We confirm with the venue and pay the venue. 


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