Last minute Christmas Gifts inspiration - especially for fitness and wellness lovers


Still not done your Christmas shopping yet? Neither have we 👀 But with 2 weeks to go and the miracle of online shopping and a little help from us, we have got you covered 👌

It can be tricky trying to find gifts for family you only see once a year. And you want to be creative and not just get the same old fancy box of chocolates right?

What does every person you want? To feel happier, healthier and a better version of themselves.

This year, buy them a gift that will keep giving all year long!

Helping them feel good, look good and be happier!!

Here’s our Christmas Present list to help YOU give the best gifts this year! 🎁

Super Warm Nike Fleece

Be the best sister in the world and get your brother and get you this awesome fleece from WIT.

The Nike Club+ 1/2 Zip Winterized Borg Fleece Anorak in Black is super fluffy, helping you stay warm but still looking cool this Winter.

The large purple pocket at the front is perfect for keeping all your gym essentials, aka airpods, phone and pre workout, safe whilst you travel between equipment.

It’s the perfect gym to lunch jumper!

Running wear - trendy & high performance

This one is for the boys! A new luxury mens running brand, with their motto 'nothing great is ever achieved without some form of suffering’, is inspired by the grit and determination. All their pieces are stylish yet created sustainably, using only natural fibres and recycled fabrics! So you can be sure both yourself and your running gear is at peak performance.

As friends of WMSM - get 20% off using 'WMSM' at checkout.

Resistance Bands

Your auntie, cousins or sister will love these at home workout essentials. They’ll add an extra element of spice to a workout and be easy to store.

No need for a whole gym room takeover in the spare room.

We love the colour range on the Shreddy Short Bands. Remember to pick short bands to use for lower body workouts!

Fitness & Social Event Gift Gard with Work Me Shape Me

Let them choose an event they want to attend with a WMSM experience e-gift card here, redeemable against any WMSM events for 2023! Along with a personalised message, your digital gift card will be email to their inbox on the day of your choosing.

Comfy to sweat gear

Christmas guilt doesn’t just come from food, but just spending in general. Want to add some clothes to your Xmas basket this year without feeling bad? Head to Gym+Coffee!

Your comfy leisure wear and cosy jumpers will double as workout clothes and outfits to wear post workout to grab brunch in. Here’s a 25% discount code to get you started - use ‘WMSM’ at checkout.

To go coffee cup

For those cold icy mornings, there’s no better way to help get you motivated to get out of the house than coffee to shield you from the freezing weather!

These Brew Cork Keep Cup’s are great as they keep your drink hot with their easy to slip on and off lid (which comes in a range of colours) and means your to go cup can also double as a glass!

The cork band is made from unused cork bottle material and is really nice to hold.

This is the secret santa dream present!

Health Supplements

Formulated by experts and backed by over 300 clinical studies, the Heights complete daily supplement helps better your overall health, and improves your sleep, mood, energy and immunity!

Who doesn’t want that in their stocking?! This one’s bound to entice your Uncle or Dad!

Plus you can get 10% off your first order 👌

What’s your favourite thing on the list? Send us a DM on Instagram and let us know what you’ll be buying! @workmeshapeme