Sweat and Brunch, Boxing and Bottomless Brunch or Yoga and Dine? Yessss please...

Sweat and Brunch, or Yoga and dine? Yes please!

Fun and unique experiences created for people interested in staying active, meeting new people and enjoying food and drinks together! Explore boutique fitness studios, restaurants and bars, as every event is a different venue. A great way to explore London.

On a mission to promote a balanced lifestyle through fun experiences, for a better mind and body. We know meeting like-minded people in the city is not always easy and, stepping into the gym or a fitness class alone can be daunting. Here's a community to support each other. 

What to expect from our events:



We offer experiences ranging from HIIT, Boxing and Rowing to Lifting and Yoga. Explore different boutique studios with us, choose your favourite workout, or challenge yourself to something completely new!



Doing things together is our mantra, so you’ll never feel lonely with us! Our events offer the perfect environment to meet and connect with others. After our group workout, we always enjoy a meal together at our social. On occasion, you can leave with new knowledge and inspiration from guest speakers!



We like to strike a healthy balance, so always indulge in good conversation, food and drink after our workouts. You may also get to take away a goodie bag to indulge in at home!


Come alone or bring a friend, you'll never feel lonely with us! We are doing this TOGETHER .

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