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Vanessa is the founder of Iki Space. A London working professional, she is all too familiar with the routine of the daily office commute and the restrictions it imposes on lifestyle choices and greater aspirations. For Vanessa, these were to experience more of the world, to have variety in her work surroundings, to do more of what she loved by the seaside.

When the 2020 pandemic turned into a full lockdown, the constraints it placed on personal freedoms and social connections gave Vanessa plenty of time for reflection and questions... 

Life should be more than looking forward to those 25 days off a year where we call our own. 

Did she want to go back to the standard 5-day week lifestyle? Not really. Did she want to stay in London? Yes and no. Wouldn’t it be great if she could work Monday to Wednesday in London and then Thursday to Sunday in Portugal or work remotely abroad for a month?  


The new norm

Many individuals and organisations have come to embrace a work-life revolution of remote working during the pandemic. 

Where remote working was previously saved for the privileged few freelancers or entrepreneurs, Vanessa was invigorated by the new possibilities of flexible living and hybrid working for more professionals and the emphasis on the importance of prioritising health and well-being.


Iki Space was born!

In October 2020, the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown, Vanessa took the plunge with a 8-month sabbatical from her finance career and the walls of her newfound home office. She travelled through Portugal, using the inspiring change in scenery to explore her business ideas.

It was during this time that Iki Space was born.

Many weeks in Portugal meant many hours of research. Cross-referencing accommodation and transportation with the interiors and ambiences she hoped would encourage her creativity, uncertainty about reliable Wi-Fi connections was always constant. Her experience shaped her mission to build a platform that took away the stress of research whilst inspiring new possibilities of living and working.

 “When we regain our freedom, let’s make choices that allow us to live more fulfilling lifestyles, improve our happiness, well-being and work. I hope the Iki Space stays will make you want to jump out of bed and look forward to your day every day!”

Why 'Iki' Space?

In Japanese, the direct translation of “iki” means chic or stylish. At Iki Space, we handpick stays with this in mind, so our guests can have confidence they will leave with a unique and memorable experience.

We have also drawn inspiration from the Japanese “ikigai”, the concept of having a “reason for being” and taking actions which make life seem fulfilling and worthwhile. The heart of “ikigai” teaches that our work, family life and passions fuel one another, and to find joy and balance between these in our daily routine.

Our mission is to lay the beginnings of a path to fulfilment, providing dedicated spaces and surroundings to encourage people to prioritise their needs and aspirations. Through this first step of inspiring alternative ways of living and working, we aim to bring a spark of excitement and inspiration to our guests which we hope will grow into new ways of thinking to bring contentment and happiness to everyday life.

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