Meet, Move & Connect

Most importantly - have fun! 

Because a healthy and happy wellbeing is more than just exercise or good diets. ✌️

Meet in person, Move your body & Connect with others

Unique experiences created for people who are interested in staying active, meeting people, and trying new experiences in the City. The aim of which is to inspire movement and discovery whilst creating a community of like-minded people to share experiences and lifestyle. 


Join our events in London and be part of our community.
Come alone or bring someone along with you!


Save your spot for a private event, and we'll do the rest.
Perfect for team building or brand promotion, or a get together with friends for some fun!

Sweat and Brunch, or Yoga and dine? Yes please!

Our events offers experience led fitness and social events carefully curated by us where we handpick and partner with boutique fitness studios, restaurants and bars.

What to expect from our events:



Doing things together is our mantra, so you’ll never feel lonely with us! Our events offer the perfect environment to meet and connect with others. 



We offer experiences ranging from HIIT, Boxing and Rowing to Lifting and Yoga. Explore different boutique studios with us, choose your favourite workout, or challenge yourself to something completely new!



We like to strike a healthy balance, so connect with each others over good conversation, food and drink after our workouts. 

No single event is the same!

Every event is different!

Our curated experiences allows you to explore different types of work outs, boutique fitness studios and restaurants and bars as we take you to a different venue for each event. A great way to discover London!

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